Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Modalis offers non-invasive MRI-guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that can improve the treatment options for many conditions, including pain management, psychiatry (depression, OCD, PTSD) and rehabilitation.

TMS Therapy has many advantages over other treatments including higher success rates, a superior safety profile and is drug free. It is generally well-tolerated and associated with few side-effects.


Putting patients first

As Western Australia’s leading TMS provider, we see firsthand the many benefits of this gentle and effective mode of treatment. Our aim is to bring these benefits to our patients and optimize their treatment and results, through our focus on their specific clinical needs. We do this by utilising leading technologies and expertise that provide both precise definition of stimulation sites and a broader range of treatment protocols.

Advantages of TMS Therapy


TMS Therapy is a non-invasive neurostimulation technique. It requires no pharmacological intervention. It is similar to an MRI but uses a more focused magnetic field which safely reaches the outer layers of the brain.


TMS Therapy sessions can be quickly conducted on an outpatient basis and easily integrated into a patient’s schedule. After a session, patients can continue to go about their daily routine.


TMS is effective in the treatment of many conditions, including pain management, psychiatry (depression, OCD, PTSD) and rehabilitation. The results of TMS can frequently last long periods of time, particularly if it is employed as part of a broader clinical program.


TMS therapy requires no additional medication, anaesthetics or hospitalisation. Thus it can be an excellent alternative to other treatments requiring complex medication regimes. 

Is TMS the right path for me?

If you suffer from depression/OCD/PTSD and have not seen significant improvement after using traditional antidepressants or have not responded to other forms of pain management techniques and rehabilitation, TMS Therapy may be an excellent solution. Speak with your medical practitioner about your suitability and find more answers to the questions you may have about TMS Therapy here.

Health Providers

Our neurostimulation team is ready to work with you to provide the best clinical care for your patients. If you're considering a referral or would simply like to learn more about TMS Therapy, please get in touch. Referrals can be made via our referral form or a standard referral letter.

Now even more convenient.

With Modalis TMS Therapy available at multiple locations, our growing list of trusted providers can help you access treatment closer to you, safely and conveniently