Patient Journey

Starting a new treatment can be overwhelming. To make it as easy as possible for you to access and understand your TMS treatment journey, here are the 6 simple steps to TMS:

Getting Started


Step 1: Obtain a referral

Interested in receiving TMS Therapy? You will need to obtain a referral from your doctor in order to receive services at Modalis. You can obtain a referral from any GP, psychiatrist, or other allied health professional familiar with TMS.

How to be referred

Download the Referral form

For your convenience, we have created an information flyer for GPs that you may wish to take along to your appointment along with the referral form.

Please note: Referrals from a Specialist are valid for 3 months. Referrals from a GP are valid for 12 months. Upon expiry of your referral, you will be required to obtain a new referral from your doctor.


Step 2: Screening call

Once we have received your referral, one of our Specialist TMS Clinicians will contact you for a short screening phone call.

During the screening call, you will be given more information on TMS and the next steps. If you have any questions at this time, the TMS Clinician will be able to answer these for you. The clinician will also advise if you require an MRI scan to rule out any organic causes for your condition. If needed, you will receive a referral to have an MRI.

We can also use these scans to help calibrate the MRI-guided neuronavigation.


Step 3: Pre-Consenting Information Consult with a TMS Specialist Clinician

You will be booked in for a pre-consent information call with one of our Senior TMS Specialists to help us prepare for your consultation with the TMS Specialist Psychiatrist, and determine the next appropriate steps for you. This will take approximately 15-20 minutes and there is no fee attached.

During Treatment

Clinical overview

Step 4: Consent and Dosage Consult with a TMS Specialist Psychiatrist

You will have an in-depth review with one of our TMS Specialist Psychiatrists to determine and prescribe the appropriate TMS protocol for your condition.

The dose of your TMS therapy (known as your ‘Resting Motor Threshold’) will also be determined during this appointment. Your Resting Motor Threshold (RMT) is based on your personal level of cortical excitability. To identify your Resting Motor Threshold, you will receive singular pulses of TMS applied to your motor cortex, to determine the appropriate level of stimulation intensity that is required to elicit a response in your brain. This dosage will be used to calibrate the dosage for your treatment protocol. For this reason, this appointment must be attended in-person.


Step 5: Acute TMS course

An initial course of TMS usually consists of up to 35 sessions of TMS therapy. Sessions are conducted each weekday (up to 5 times per week) for approximately 20 minutes.

Medicare rebates are available for eligible patients receiving TMS for depression.

More information on TMS & Medicare

Our clinical team will monitor your progress throughout your TMS therapy and your response to the treatment will be regularly assessed by our TMS Clinicians.


Step 6: Final Review

You will have a final review to evaluate your experience and progress following your course of TMS therapy, and discuss the plan going forward.

After Treatment


Maintenance TMS course

Some patients will also receive additional maintenance TMS sessions 3-6 months following the acute TMS course. For patients eligible for Medicare rebates, 15 maintenance session rebates become available following 4 months after the completion of the acute course.

Not all patients require maintenance sessions, whereas some patients like to come back regularly for “top-up” sessions. The intensity and frequency of such maintenance treatments, if required, will be recommended to the individual patient by the treating team.


Want more information or have a question?

If you have any further queries about TMS or referrals, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly admin staff. Our reception is open Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm or you can contact us using one of the options below:

Chat with us by clicking on the green message icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Book an information call with one of our TMS Clinicians.

Phone: (08) 6166 3733


We look forward to assisting you.