Training in TMS

Ongoing professional development training is an important part of Modalis' organisational culture. We greatly value our partnerships with Perron Institute, University of Western Australia, a range of individual clinicians and other TMS services in WA.

Together with Perron Institute we have jointly developed a TMS Training Program which will represent the broad views and experiences of psychiatrists working in this area, along with neuroscientists, nursing staff and support staff involved in providing this treatment.

Modalis online training program was recently accredited by Australian Colleage of Rural and Remote Medicine for its standard Continuing Professional Development Program.

WA TMS Training Program

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a relatively new area of medicine. We believe that sharing practical knowledge about this treatment's techniques, constantly reviewing the very dynamic research in this area, applying the new technologies in enhancing clinical support for our patients, initiating research projects and enhancing community awareness of the new clinical options are all crucial roles for an organisation like ours.

  1. At Modalis, we aim to contribute to increase the collective knowledge about TMS and ensure a sufficient standard of training for all clinical personnel involved with TMS.
  2. We strive to ensure the safety and reliability of this form of treatment in the range of its applications – ranging from psychiatry to neurology, ENT, rehabilitation medicine and beyond.
  3. We would like to attract new clinical personnel to this dynamically growing area of clinical interventions, to increase their professional confidence in pursuing this knowledge and increase their job satisfaction.
  4. Training opportunities will inspire further interest in TMS in Western Australia, will enhance a broader community awareness about this form of treatment and will drive professional growth and expansion of career avenues for many of our colleagues involved in various forms of neurostimulation in medicine.
  5. Our hope is that these training opportunities will create a collegial platform for lasting collaboration between a number of clinical services providers, research institutes and individual clinicians interested in TMS and using neurostimulation in their clinical practices.

If you would like more information about this WA state-wide initiative and its progress, please contact us on

Become a Modalis Provider

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation offers a useful alternative to the more commonly used, direct and neuronal stimulations, facilitating neuroplasticity and functional recovery. As a leading TMS provider in Western Australia, we support our medical colleagues in a range of medical fields - from psychiatry (affective disorders, OCD, PTSD and others) to pain management (in various modes and localities) and neurological rehabilitation (cortical mapping and broader rehabilitation protocols).

If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing group of Modalis rTMS providers and broadening and enhancing the range of in-clinic services you offer your patients, our neurostimulation team welcomes your enquiry.