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Martin Luther


Modalis offers an effective alternative treatment option for your patients. Whilst TMS has been around since the mid-80’s, recent progress and refinements of the clinical protocols have lead to much broader application of TMS in various areas of medicine. These include psychiatry, pain management, rehabilitation medicine and neurology.

At Modalis, we endeavor to stay abreast of the many international research projects in this field and constantly update the treatment protocols we offer to patients to provide the highest standard of care, safety and efficacy.

Our unique MRI-guided magnetic stimulation technology allows us to define more specifically the treatment targets and reduce the potential risks of this procedure. The range of clinical application is further enhanced through the utilisation of different stimulation coils, which provide varying characteristics of the generated magnetic stimulation beams and cortical penetration (depth of stimulation). MRI navigation can also assist in rehabilitation planning and cortical mapping.

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We welcome you to contact us if you are considering a referral or simply would like to learn more about TMS therapy. Referrals can be made via the form provided below or a standard referral letter emailed to tms@modalis.com.au

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