Your Privacy

This statement relates to the processing of any personal data or to personally identify information by Modalis. Whilst we do not collect any specific information via our website, such information needs to be obtained during the referral, treatment, discharge and archiving of the demographics and clinical data. These processes follow the general protocols of secure health information for all relevant health care providers. They are governed by the relevant privacy regulations.

All personal data is not stored on our website, but is collected during the consultation and form part of the Electronic Medical Records.

Modalis is responsible for the processing of personal data under the relevant Commonwealth Legislations (Privacy Act) and state-based regulations and specified in a set of policies relating to defining the process, safeguard, use and archiving of your data.

This Privacy Statement was last amended 16th June 2020

What types of data does Modalis collect and for what purposes?

Information about our customers
Modalis processes data of patients and broader customers. These two groups are distinguished:

  1. Patients referred to the service and provided with the appropriate active treatment, whether for acute or long-term care.
  2. Professional customers:
    • other health care providers who broadly inquire about enhancing their clinical services, which may include TMS and other forms of neurostimulation (“Service Customers”);
    • Events customers - customers who register for one of our events, including educational programs, presentations and supervisions (‘Event Customers”).

We collect the following information about such customers, with the stated reason:

Service Customer:

  • contact information such as name, address, work address, name of institution or hospital or business, country of residence
  • Key contact personnel
  • Proposed equipment and potential supplier of this equipment.
  • We keep this information only in a secure manner both on paper and digitally in a safe encrypted environment, and only authorized individuals have access to this data.

Event Customers: 

  • contact information such as name, address, work address, employer name, country of residence
  • Selected course topics and process of delivery

The data is securely stored on our server. Moreover, customers will be asked for permission to allow us to store and process this data. We need this information to organize the event and notify customers in time about any program changes. Payment of the registration fees for our events are made directly through our reception staff, and this information is not kept online. Payment details of such clients are not seen, not stored nor processed by us.

Data from visitors to our website
Modalis processes information from all visitors to our website. This means even those who do not fill out web forms mentioned in the paragraph above, such as random visitors. We accomplish this through a so-called tracking code and processing service provided by Google Analytics. This service allows us to optimally adapt our website to the visitors' interests by acquiring the following information:

  • the visitors’ location as far as disclosed by the visitor
  • what pages they visit on our website, for how long and in what order
  • which web browser and language is used
  • if the user uses a mobile phone to visit our website or a desktop computer
  • the masked IP address of the visitor

We use this information solely to improve our website. This information will be processed only as average values and not individually for each person. We have ensured that the last three numbers from the IP address of the visitor are masked such that we do not receive them, and we can hence not trace the visitors’ behaviour to their personal. We do not share this information directly with Google or any other organisations.

Will my data be provided to third parties?

Modalis will never sell your information to third parties. They will provide it only if necessary, for the implementation of our agreement with you, to improve our services or to meet a legal obligation.

How long does Modalis retain personal information?

The personal information we receive through our website, emails or otherwise, will be retained for as long as they are required for the purpose they are collected for, as mentioned above. Your data is kept for up to four years and destroyed afterwards, except for the contact details of our patients. The relevant legislation and regulations govern this process.

How will my data be protected?

Modalis takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure or unauthorized modification. We use secure and encrypted online transmission for all our online communication, including the “Contact us” section of our website. If you feel that your data is not adequately protected or there is evidence of abuse, please contact us and we will promptly respond to your concerns.

Where can I submit a request to view my data, or to correct or delete it?

For clinical purposes – these processes are governed by the relevant legislation under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA)

Changes in data processing policy

Modalis can alter its privacy policy and will include such changes in its Privacy Statement. For the most current version of our Privacy Statement, see