The Modalis approach

Optimising the safety and effectiveness of treatments is our highest priority. Through MRI-guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), we can improve the treatment options for many conditions including:

  • Depression/OCD/PTSD
  • Forms of pain
  • Medical rehabilitation

Using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) allows us to enhance the precise identification of the stimulation sites relevant to the treatment of specific conditions, thereby improving its effectiveness and safety. This process is called Neural Navigation and is delivered by our state-of-the-art Neurosoft TMS machine.

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Our approach to starting and monitoring the treatment limits the risks of any discomfort and improves its acceptability. Our TMS techniques are further refined through a specific neuronavigation system developed by Brain Science Tools at Utrecht University (Netherlands). This system has been used extensively since 2004 in the research and clinical applications of TMS. Brain Science Tools works closely with Neurosoft and this collaboration has has allowed a seamless integration of our neuronavigation tools with our Neurosoft TMS Machine.

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Upholding the highest standards of quality and safety is at the core of the founding principles of Modalis. We have implemented very strict clinical and corporate governance procedures and protocols based on the current National Models of Clinical Governance Framework (NSQHS Standards 2017), Safety, Quality Improvement and Education Standards (RANCGP), Australian Council of Heath Standards (ACHS) recommendations (relevant to outpatient clinics) and Quality Management System Standards (ISO 9001:2015).

The treatment procedures and protocols are regularly reviewed and refined to ensure their compliance with the current research and their safety profile.

‘There is a scientific explanation of healings by the power of Mind over matter which demonstrates that such healings are not miracles, but are within Nature’s law which cannot be transcended by either man or God. The fact that they were beyond man’s comprehension did not prove that they were supernatural - for an airplane or radio would have been thought supernatural to dwellers in places far removed even one generation ago.’
Walter Russell

At the forefront of neuro wellness

Modalis was founded by four clinicians experienced in psychiatry, pain management and rehabilitation. Their commitment to research and sourcing the best treatment led to the establishment of Modalis, Western Australia’s first private, outpatient practice therapy clinic to specialize in TMS.

Over the last two years the founding group has established very close contacts with several other medical specialists of diverse specialties. This collaboration has increased the range of rTMS applications and enhances the process of evaluating clinical outcomes.

Initially, Modalis offered its services in Subiaco but in 2021 has expanded to the other areas of the metropolitan Perth region and beyond. It is crucial to have this service easily accessible to all the patients who require rTMS.

We cherish our strong partnerships with TMS West in the Southern part of  Metropolitan Perth  and Spectrum Clinic in East Fremantle. For specific convenient locations of Modalis and our partnerships see the Contact section of this website.

Our patients are welcomed in a very caring and professional environment of Modalis rTMS suites and the suites set up together with our partners. Ongoing research and training with worldwide experts and technologies together with a patient-centred approach, ensures that Modalis patients receive the highest quality care that puts their needs first.

Our founding clinical team

Dr Vincenzo Mondello

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician & Specialist Psychiatrist.
Medical Director at The Anodyne Centre.
Consultant Pain Specialist & Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist at St John of God Subiaco and The Marian Centre Hospitals.
Primary consulting rooms at The Anodyne Centre (Subiaco)


Dr Kyle Hoath
MBBS, FRANZCP. Specialist Psychiatrist.

AMA (WA) Council Ordinary Member.
RANZCP Branch (WA) Committee Member.
Director of Neurostimulation at HealtheCare Marian Centre.
Member of the Section of ECT and Neurostimulation of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.
Certified TMS Practitioner, Melbourne Clinic (2018).
Primary consulting rooms at Salvado (Subiaco)


Dr Jaroslaw Hryniewicki
(MBBS, FRANZCP, Certif. Child Psychiatrists)

Founder of several private outpatient and inpatient mental health services.
Founding member of section of ECT and Neurostimulation of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.
Trained in rTMS at Brain Science Institute in Utrecht (Netherlands), Black Dog Institute (2018), Singapore Institute of Mental Health (2019) and Utrecht TMS Course (Brain Science Institute and Neurosoft – 2019).
Primary consulting rooms at Salvado (Subiaco)


Dr Murray Chapman
(MBBS, Dip Forensic MH, MRCPsych, FRANZCP) Forensic and Addiction Medicine.

Specialist in General Psychiatry.
Previously Director of NW Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services.
Medical Director Abbotsford Private Hospital.
Certified in TMS (ECIMH) 2019.
Accredited and Practicing TMS Practitioner - The Marian Centre.
Certified in tDCS (Black Dog Institute) 2018.
Primary consulting rooms at Salvado (Subiaco)

What is Neural Navigation?

Neural Navigation is a process for the specific definition of the target sites during coil placement in TMS. Coil placement refers to the specific location of magnetic stimulation of the central nervous system through the brain, and its correct positioning is one of the most critical elements of a successful treatment.

Neural Navigation allows MRI, 3D-guided TMS coil placement for each patient with millimeter accuracy. Neural Navigation even takes into consideration the specific anatomical details of their individual brain structure and external navigation points.


Health Providers

Our neurostimulation team is ready to work with you to provide the best clinical care for your patients. If you're considering a referral or would simply like to learn more about TMS Therapy, please get in touch. Referrals can be made via our referral form or a standard referral letter.