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We believe that our staff determines the quality of our services. rTMS is a rapidly developing area of clinical interventions in a range of medical specialties.

At Modalis we are creating a professional, nurturing environment for all our clinical colleagues and co-workers. We are quickly expanding to a number Perth metropolitan and country locations throughout Western Australia to make rTMS more accessible for patients and also provide more flexible working locations for our staff.

Modalis offers many professional development opportunities, training and support. We are creating very independent positions for clinic specialists and coordinators, research officers and medical practitioners who are interested in the rapidly developing area of neurostimulation in psychiatry.

If you are interested in joining our progressive and enthusiastic team in any clinical, research and administrative positions - we want to hear from you! For more information on the range of opportunities available at Modalis, please email us on

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation offers a useful alternative to the more commonly used, direct and neuronal stimulations, facilitating neuroplasticity and functional recovery. As a leading TMS provider in Western Australia, we support our medical colleagues in a range of medical fields - from psychiatry (affective disorders, OCD, PTSD and others) to pain management (in various modes and localities) and neurological rehabilitation (cortical mapping and broader rehabilitation protocols).

If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing group of Modalis rTMS providers and broadening and enhancing the range of in-clinic services you offer your patients, our neurostimulation team welcomes your enquiry.